Frequently Asked Questions - Streaming

FAQs - Streaming

Yes, Black Box is available internationally!  No matter where you are located in the world, you can reach our website at and our mobile app.  To make the purchase, you must have a credit card with a billing address, and you can purchase the membership from your computer, tablet, phone, or directly from the mobile app.

If you hover over the area at the bottom of the player screen – you should see controls pop up including pause, scrubber bar (for fast forward/rewind), time information, volume, and a full screen button in the bottom right corner – it looks like a small rectangle with another rectangle inside of it. If you click on this it will make the player go into full screen mode.

Of course!

DESKTOP USERS: If you have a HDMI cable, connect the cord to your computer and your TV, depending on the make and model of your television set. Change the input to the HDMI inlet that the computer is connected to. After a few seconds, your computer screen should display on your TV. Proceed to on your computer and watch your favorite movies and TV shows. On your mobile device, download the LocalCast app and follow the setup procedures to connect with your WiFi. or TV then you can add the BBM channel, sign in and start watching.

ANDROID USERS: The best way to stream to your TV is to use a Chromecast device or a stream stick that you plug into your TV (HDMI port). Then, use the LocalCast app (which is available on Google Play) to stream the video to your TV.

APPLE TV USERS: If you have an Apple TV box, as well as an iPad or iPhone, then you can access Black Box by using Safari and the AirPlay functionality. You may also be able to attach your computer to your TV via an HDMI cable, depending on the make & model of your television set.

We are striving to make Black Box accessible via as many devices as possible, we’ll keep you posted as we develop new options.