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For general questions, click the Contact Us link in the menu, and fill out the help request form.  For subscribers, log into your account and click the 'Support' tab to create and manage your tickets.

Black Box offers an ad-removal subscription that normally costs $6.99/month, but we have a limited time offer available now to subscribe at $6.99/month.  We also have a 30-day subscription at $9.99 USD, and a annual subscription of $39.99 USD.

You can purchase your subscription at anytime.

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You can watch as many of the available movies and TV shows as many times as you like, as long as you are on our Black Box website or Black Box mobile app. We do not currently limit the number of devices on which you may access your Black Box account; however, we reserve the right to implement a limit should we deem it necessary.

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Yes, Black Box is available internationally!  No matter where you are located in the world, you can reach our website at and our mobile app.  To make the purchase, you must have a credit card with a billing address, and you can purchase the membership from your computer, tablet, phone, or directly from the mobile app.

We know that this feature is important to our customers and we have closed captions and/or SDH (subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing) on many of our films with a goal of having at least 99% captioned by the beginning of 2019.

If you hover over the area at the bottom of the player screen – you should see controls pop up including pause, scrubber bar (for fast forward/rewind), time information, volume, and a full screen button in the bottom right corner – it looks like a small rectangle with another rectangle inside of it. If you click on this it will make the player go into full screen mode.

We are not allowing people to order subscriptions as gifts in Black Box, but check back for more information on gifting in the very near future.

Once you have purchased the ad-removal subscription, you will be able to watch all videos ad-free. Black Box subscribers enjoy unlimited access to over 500 movies and TV shows with more added every month offered on Black Box available via streaming on your computer, tablet, smart phone, Apple TV (via the AirPlay function with an iPad or iPhone), or through other select mobile devices without any pop advertisements and/or banner displays.

A monthly subscription will automatically renew each month so you will never have to worry about your account being interrupted.  If you purchased a one-month or annual subscription, you can re-purchase a new subscription once your current subscription expires.

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To cancel your ad-removal subscription, sign in and click the "Deactivate" link in the Account section. Then click “Cancel” and confirm.